Roles and Objectives of the Association:


To bring together under one corporate entity all licensed providers of telecommunications and allied services (“telecommunication operators”) in Nigeria.


To facilitate cooperation and understanding among Members with a view to finding solutions to their common problems and promoting the interests and common goal of the Association and its Members.


To promote cordial relationships between Members, the regulatory authorities, and relevant organs of the Government involved in Formulating and/or implementing policies for telecommunications practice in Nigeria.


To promote and support legislation that would enhance the quality of telecommunications practice and services in Nigeria and protect the collective interests of all telecommunications operators.


To promote and support the Government’s deregulatory policies for the Telecommunications sector in Nigeria.


To ensure compliance by telecommunications operators with ITU’s prescribed standards.


To organize seminars, workshops, conferences, trainings, both locally and in collaboration with international Telecommunications Agencies on telecommunications related issues.


To create awareness among Members and the general public regarding Government’s and specific regulatory policies on telecommunications practice in Nigeria.


To foster and encourage alliances with National and International organizations and associations with similar objectives.


To encourage within defined modalities, Members to participate in and benefit from International telecommunications funding.


To promote policies that will increase teledensity in Nigeria in line with ITU’s recommendation for developing countries.


To act as an advisory body to Companies, Organisations, and Regulatory Bodies in the formulation and or implementation of telecommunications policies in Nigeria.